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Randomize.qt is a patch for Max/MSP and Jitter. The patch is based on the ‘narrative_destroyer’ created by Kurt Ralske and HC Gilje during a workshop hosted by BEK in Bergen, Norway, in August 2000.

Changes compared to narative_destroyer:

  • uses jitter instead of nato.0+55
  • modified and optimized randomization routine
  • added in and out point selection for randomization in source movie
  • added quicktime export routines

Requires Max/MSP and Jitter

JansZoon Koster

A set of abstractions for Max/MSP and nato.0+55 which enables smooth slowmotion by interpolation.

Requires nato.0+55 and therefor Mac OS 9.


Requires the janszoon abstractions [see above]
Much like 242.buffer, but with added functionality;
The 242.fbuffer abstraction behaves like 242.buffer, but has 2 extra functions;

  • read (int) (filepath)
    works like the read message for
    int – sets whether newly loaded film is appended to the buffer or replaces it
    0 – the imported data is appended
    ( 242.buffer : n2inewimage err = -108 == Insufficient memory available )
    1 – the buffer is cleared
    optional filepath sets film to be loaded
    int or float
  • float
    outputs image at the frame number entered, and interpolates if and as needed

Optional argument for 242.fbuffer makes the buffer remote accessible using faust

Requires nato.0+55 and therefor Mac OS 9.

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