Geste du Soleil (installation view - 1993)

format 2.10 x 3.00 mtr.
tape-duration 15″ min, looped
stereo, colour

Geste Du Soleil is a video-installation that consists of a large sheet of paper, hung from the ceiling in the middle of the gallery-space, upon which the video-image is projected. The thin paper moves whenever a viewer walks by, giving the image an extra dimension of freedom.

Black and white video- and computer-images are processed and are reduced to a ‘skin’-like structure, within which only memories remain.

This title is available for exhibitions, screenings, and institutional use through Netherlands Media Art Institute, Montevideo/Time Based Arts, Amsterdam. Please visit the NIMK Online Catalogue for further information.

Geste Du Soleil | 1993 | Installations, Single channel | Tags: ,